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COVID-19 Related Issues (updated 11/11/2020)

Support for COVID-19 (Second Wave)


The UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Northern Ireland Executive have announced a wide range of measures to support businesses that are experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 (second wave). The support that is available depends on the particular circumstances; for example, the sector in which the business operates. details of support can be found at website.

We had also put together tax planning opportunities and pitfalls relating to COVID-19 for your particular circustances in modules as outline below. Contact us for details and an initial assessment.

  1. Issues for employers
  2. Issues for the self-employed
  3. Other issues for: VAT-registered, 
    • Occupy property, 
    • SMEs, 
    • Large businesses, and 
    • Tax administration
  4. Particular sectors:
    • Aviation,
    • Charity,
    • Culture, 
    • Fishing industry, 
    • Innovation, 
    • Nursery, and
    • Pension scheme administrators

Although the focus is tax-related, we have included other key measures too, including access to finance and support, operations difficulties, links to goverment and other organisations.


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