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Companies, businesses, charities tax

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Starting out in business

  • Minimising interest and penalties
  • Raising finance for the business: sole traders, partnerships & companies
  • Choice of business structure: trades & property business
  • Buying a business: share purchase or asset purchase
  • Setting up a business: sole traders, partners & companies

Minimising taxable profits

  • Year end tax planning for companies
  • Dealing with an HMRC enquiry: businesses
  • Advising a company with investment business
  • Dealing with loan relationships
  • Calculating property business income
  • Calculating trade income: sole traders, partners & companies
  • Choice of basis for trades & property income: cash or accruals

Claiming tax reliefs

  • Claiming charity tax reliefs
  • Making use of the patent box
  • Maximising relief for expenditure on intangibles
  • Claiming R&D tax relief & the RDEC
  • Identifying R&D activities and expenditure

Profit extraction

  • Paying and receiving dividends
  • Extracting profits from owner-manager businesses (OMBs)

Utilising tax losses

  • Making best use of a loss: companies
  • Making best use of a loss: sole traders and partners

Buying and selling fixed assets

  • Doing business overseas 
  • Moving premises
  • Capital allowances for leased assets
  • Buying plant and machinery

Changing how the business is run or owned

  • Demergers: statutory demergers (exempt distributions) & non-statutory
  • Buying back shares in the company
  • Disincorporating a business
  • Transferring a trade to a company (incorporation)
  • Bringing in a partner
  • Granting share incentives to employees

Closing or disposing of the business

  • Winding-up the business
  • Selling the business: shares & trade and assets

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