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Companies & charities Secretarial/Administration

Company formation (£75 - includes company secretarial below)

  • Formed same day/next day
  • E-copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • E-copy of Constitution
  • Includes Companies House Fees
  • Free Business Bank Account 
  • Optional Cloud Bookkeeping and Accounting (discounts available)

Company secretarial (£75 per year)

  • Includes Companies House Fees
  • Dormant Company Accounts (Optional)
  • Dormant Tax Return (Optional)
  • Due dates reminder
  • Annual Statutory Accounts (additional prices apply)
  • Confirmation statements (previously annual return)
  • One (1) director and/or member
  • £30 for additional director and/or member
  • Shares and membership administration (fees apply)
  • Charities Secretarial/Administration
  • Legal Forms and Documents

Registered office service

  • Prestigious UK addresses
  • Includes official mails sent to the company from
    • Companies House
    • HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
    • HM Courts & Tribunals Service
    • Government gateway
    • Intellectual Property office
  • Keep your address private
  • Director service address (£25 per year) includes all directors. 
  • Free mail forwarding or scan and email
  • Scan mail, forward mail, collect mail.
  • No Deposit or monthly fees, One annual service
  • Registered office prices (per year):
    • Edinburgh (£85) - For Scottish Businesses
    • London (£75)
    • Coventry (£60)
    • Ipswich (£50)
    • Manchester & Cardiff (Opening Soon)

Company types (Additional prices apply)

  • Limited by Shares or Guarantees
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Public Limited Companies (PLCs)
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs)
  • Flat Management Companies (FMCs)
  • Overseas Companies
  • European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIG)
  • European Public Companies Societas Europaea (SEs)
  • Limited Partnerships (LPs)
  • Cross Border Mergers

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