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Assurance services

In the quest to bring credibility to you and/or your business, we provide independent assurances to enhance the confidence and information needs of users of your financial statements

We provide limited assurance on:

  • Review of historical financial statements
    • We undertakes engagements to  review historic financial statements and issue reports in connection with such a review.
  • Reports on controls at a service organisation
    • The scope of reporting covers internal controls over the service the service organisation provides that are relevant to user entities’ internal control over their financial reporting.
  • Reports on Greenhouse Gas(GHG) statements
    • Deals with engagements to report on an entity’s greenhouse gas statement. Engagements envisaged may cover a GHG statement and other information, for example, when engaged to report on a sustainability report of which a GHG statement is only one part.

We also provide specific industry regulator limited assurance reports:

  • ATOL Reporting Accountant (ARA)
    • As designate ARA, we provide the required assurances to Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) reports.
  • Independent examinations
    • We provide the highest level of external scrutiny to charities.

Non-assurance services

We also perform:

  • Agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information
    • Engagement to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information and report on factual findings in connection with such an engagement.
  • Compilation engagements
    • Engagement to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information and report without expressing an opinion or a review in connection with such an engagement.
  • Internal audits
    • We provide independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively
  • Forensic accounting
    • We use accounting skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyse financial information for use in legal proceedings.

Assurance related services

  • Charity accounts, reports and fundraising
    • We prepare reports and accounts for charities at all levels including fundraising for charities.
  • Community Interest Company (CIC) returns and reports
    • CICs operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve. As CIC consultants, we help you fulfil your CIC Statutory Obligations.
  • Companies and Charities Secretarial/Administration
    • Legal Forms and Documents
    • Shares and membership administration
    • Companies and charities secretarial
    • Companies & charities formation

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