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How we do it:

We have dedicated staff who can relieve you of this burden by providing a comprehensive and confidential payroll service, including:

  • Customised payslips
  • Administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, etc
  • Completion of statutory forms, including year end returns, to issue to your employees and submit to HMRC
  • Summaries and analyses of staff costs
  • Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses, and ex-gratia and termination payments
  • Administration of pension schemes and auto-enrolment obligations

Even if you have only a few employees, you will make savings by engaging us to administer your payroll. 

Payroll pricing guide:

  • 1-10 employees:
    • £10 weekly or £7.5 monthly per employee
    • One-off Setup fee - £50
  • 11-20 employees:
    • £7.5 weekly or £5 monthly per employee
    • One-off Setup fee - £100
  • 21- 100 employees: 
    • £5 weekly or £3 monthly per employee
    • One-off Setup fee - £300
  • 100 and above employees

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